How does it work?

Our weighted bracelets exert a mechanical and long-lasting effect on your body. They are 250g or 500g weights designed to be worn every day, just like a watch or a piece of jewelry.

They operate naturally, requiring no effort on your part; it is your muscles that engage more without you even realizing it.

The first active and passive solution

renforcement fonctionnel et soulagement articulaire et musculaire sur le court, moyen et long terme

By wearing the Weitna strength bracelet, you can benefit from both passive relief and active strengthening.

It's a unique solution that combines the advantages of both active and passive functions.


Enables progress but requires dedicated time and effort

(ex : dumbbells, resistance bands, sports accessories...)


Provides relief, soothes pain, or alleviates discomfort

(ex : creams, braces, bandages...)

Weitna weighted bracelets are the exclusive solution that brings together these two effects, offering you the ability to alleviate pain and enhance functional strength over the long term.

1 accessory, 3 actions, zero effort

renforcement au quotidien


soulagement des douleurs articulaires et musculaires
soulagement des douleurs articulaires et musculaires


agir et se prendre en main pour aller mieux
agir et se prendre en main pour aller mieux



Faites de votre quotidien une séance de sport en continue, spécifique à vos besoins.

With the added weight of our weighted bracelets, your muscle engagement intensifies with each movement.

Your deep muscles will activate, enabling gentle functional strengthening without any extra exertion on your part.

Transform your daily routine into a customized continuous workout experience that suits your specific needs.


By applying the principle of joint traction, the bracelet's weight generates space in your joints for relieving effects. This impact is immediate and starts as soon as the strength bracelet is worn on your wrist or ankle.

Experience gentle and consistent pain relief—the key to success and genuine well-being!


Engage your mind in the journey of improvement.

Many times, we feel disappointed for not doing enough, but when you wear your strength bracelet each morning, you actively combat your challenges.

This initial step, often the most challenging, sets the foundation for positive conditioning.

Consistently taking daily action will guide you towards



You are unique in your being and movement, and our weighted bracelets adapt perfectly to you and your daily life.

The more you wear them, the more they become unnoticeable, and the better you will feel!


Our goal is to enhance your natural movement without changing it.

(If you start to feel the weight of the bracelet, take a break and put it on again later)