Targeted action

Experiencing daily discomfort.

Athlete striving for performance.

Concerned about your well-being.

Our bracelets are definitely made for you!



2 models to 

activate your entire body.


Direct impact

on your shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers

Indirect impact

on your cervical spine


Direct impact

on your hips, knees, ankles, and toes

Indirect impact

on your lumbar spine and pelvis

Experience multiple benefits on all these body parts simultaneously.

If your goal is to relieve and strengthen any of these areas,

this strength bracelet is made for you!

The ideal support against your conditions

Scientific research demonstrates that the best treatments for any problem or condition are

movement and strengthening.

Our weighted bracelets functionally strengthen you with your natural movements.

This strength bracelet could have a positive impact on your fitness level and well-being in your daily life.

If your goal is to

Our bracelets are

Our bracelets have already proven themselves.

Clients with various issues have trusted us,

and they are feeling better!


They were limited by discomfort and a plateau in performance, but our strength bracelets have allowed them to achieve their goals without any additional workload.

Often affected by shoulder and knee pain, as well as vulnerable to ankle sprains, our weighted bracelets are an ideal ally to help you keep scoring baskets.

Want to get rid of your shoulder or wrist pain and regain your striking power? Our weighted wrist bracelets help strengthen these areas naturally and without any effort on your part.

Challenging for your body, especially your shoulders, forearms, and hips. Our strength bracelet will help you climb more easily.

The weight of our strength bracelet will enhance your precision with the mouse/controller, leading to improved performance. It's like a cheat code without cheating.

If you experience knee, hip, or adductor pain due to the demands of the sport or an injury, our weighted bracelets can be your ideal solution to stay on the field and avoid being replaced.

Whether you're dealing with "Golf-Elbow" or medial epicondylitis, our wrist strength bracelet will provide excellent daily support. Simply put on your bracelet and strengthen yourself functionally through your natural movements, allowing you to continue playing at par.

Handball players often experience shoulder impingement, leading to pain during arm movement and throwing. Our wrist weighted bracelets will help you gently and effectively relieve shoulder discomfort in the long term, allowing you to continue performing at your best and scoring goals.

If you're experiencing knee or hip discomfort while jogging or running, our ankle weighted bracelets are perfectly suited to help alleviate joint pain and strengthen them. 

Ready, set, go!

Enhance your hiking experience with our weighted bracelets, which can help increase your pace and provide joint relief along the way.

In pursuit of performance, our strength bracelets enable functional strengthening, activating your deep muscles to provide a different yet essential and complementary form of reinforcement to your gym workouts.

Often affected by "Tennis Elbow" or Epicondylitis, our wrist strength bracelet can alleviate your discomfort, allowing you to continue playing.

Game, Set, and Match!

Prone to tendinitis, shoulder impingement, or knee issues due to the demanding jumps involved, wear our ankle weighted bracelets to alleviate discomfort and regain your powerful attack.

Serve, Spike, Score!

With the added weights of our weighted bracelets, your deep muscles are constantly stimulated and activated. Turn your daily routine into a personalized yoga session tailored to your needs and movements.

Elevate your practice, find balance, and flow!


Whether they had chronic or temporary pain caused by the demands of life or a specific episode resulting in an injury, our weighted bracelets have reduced and sometimes even eliminated their problems.

If you experience pain due to daily activities or need some morning loosening, our strength bracelet can alleviate your pain and improve your quality of life.

The weight of the strength bracelet creates space in your joints to relieve your pain. Gentle and regular work to help reduce inflammation in your bursa.

A highly restrictive and long-lasting condition, the weight of the strength bracelet gently stretches your capsule and ligaments, improving your mobility while reducing pain.

Our weighted wrist bracelet helps strengthen your entire arm, shoulders, and shoulder blades while reducing muscle tension in your trapezius muscles. This has a positive impact on your cervical issues, providing relief and support for your neck.

Through the principle of joint traction, our strength bracelet creates space in your shoulder joint, alleviating your pain. Your deep muscles will strengthen functionally, helping to prevent a recurrence of the issue.

Our wrist strength bracelets have a triple effect: they stabilize, strengthen, and relieve your wrists, allowing you to regain normal function without pain.

Stabilize your joints and functionally strengthen your deep muscles with the help of our weighted bracelets, as they provide constant activation. Once strengthened, your chances of dislocation will be reduced

Tensions in the neck causing headaches, often radiating behind the eyes? Our weighted bracelets for the wrists will help alleviate tension in your trapezius muscles, allowing you to regain a pleasant daily experience.

If you're experiencing meniscus problems, our ankle strength bracelet is perfectly suited for you. By creating space in your knee through joint traction, it helps relieve the pressure on your meniscus. Prioritize gentle and regular exercises to alleviate meniscus discomfort.

The gentle weight of our strength bracelets creates resistance that stimulates your bones, helping improve bone quality and potentially reduce the risk of future fractures. Incorporating our bracelets into your routine can be beneficial for strengthening your bones.

If your joints are in pain, give them some relief with our weighted bracelets that gently and consistently release tension in your joints through light traction. Incorporating our bracelets into your routine can provide some relief for your arthritic joints.

Troubled by persistent tendon pain that you can't seem to shake off? Our strength bracelets effectively strengthen your tendons, allowing them to fortify and alleviate restrictions in your body. With our bracelets, you can continue doing what you love without being hindered by tendon discomfort.


Whether recovering from a surgery or confined to a period of immobilization, our strength bracelets have aided individuals in combating weakness and regaining their quality of life.

Stabilize and strengthen your ankle to regain confidence. Let our weighted ankle bracelets accompany you to accelerate your rehabilitation process.

Following your fracture, a period of immobilization is necessary. Combat weakening and optimize your rehabilitation with gentle and tailored functional strengthening provided by our strength bracelets.

Lack of movement is something to avoid for the body, which requires stimulation and motion to function properly. Our weighted bracelets optimize this lack to prevent weakening during your hospitalization.

Whether it's after a repair or removal, the ankle weight bracelet relieves your meniscus and helps alleviate your daily pain. Reduce the risk of arthritis by letting our bracelets accompany you.

Recovering and regaining maximum range of motion after a shoulder prosthesis can be a lengthy and challenging process. Our wrist weight bracelets provide gentle stretching to the capsule and ligaments, assisting in restoring mobility and strengthening your shoulder prosthesis.

Our ankle weight bracelet will be your best ally in relieving your hip prosthesis. By maximizing your chances of extending its lifespan, typically ranging from 15 to 25 years, our bracelet of force supports and enhances your rehabilitation process.

With a lifespan of 15 to 25 years, knee prostheses can experience wear and tear. Increase your chances of prolonging its longevity with our ankle weight bracelets, which gently and effectively relieve your knee prosthesis over the long term.

Following a period of immobilization and tendon consolidation, it's common to experience muscle weakness. Avoid this process and opt for effective rehabilitation with the help of our weighted bracelets. They will assist you in maintaining strength and promoting a successful recovery.


Individuals affected by central or peripheral nervous system disorders, experiencing symptoms that impact their motor, sensory, and cognitive functions, have found assistance with our weighted bracelets. These bracelets have proven to be beneficial in supporting their overall well-being and improving their daily lives.

Our strength bracelet creates gentle resistance that enhances your motor control and improves the precision of your daily movements. It assists in refining your coordination and promoting better control over your actions.

Individuals with autism often experience proprioceptive difficulties and challenges with concentration. Our strength bracelet will enhance your proprioception and improve your daily activities that require fine motor skills, such as writing, eating, and dressing.

It provides added sensory input and supports better control and coordination.

If you're experiencing or have experienced nerve compression resulting in motor or sensory impairment, or radiating pain in your arms or legs, our weighted bracelets provide continuous nerve stimulation to facilitate a return to normal function. They help activate and support the affected nerves, promoting improved mobility and sensory responses.

Frequently accompanied by nerve compression, which can impact your motor and sensory functions. The weighted bracelet provides continuous nerve stimulation and can potentially expedite your rehabilitation process. By activating the nerves, it helps improve mobility and sensory responses, aiding in your recovery.

Regain a healthier, balanced, and more natural gait with the help of our weighted bracelets, which promote the pendulum-like movements of your arms and legs. These bracelets assist in improving coordination and mobility, enhancing your overall movement patterns affected by Parkinson's disease.

With often impaired motor control, the weight of our weighted bracelets enhances your proprioception and motor control, making everyday movements easier for you. These bracelets provide additional sensory input and stability, aiding in improving coordination and enhancing your overall motor function affected by multiple sclerosis.

The weight of the wrist weight bracelet helps reduce tremors by creating resistance and increasing proprioception. It can effectively decrease tremors by 30% to 60%, making everyday tasks easier for you. By providing sensory input and stability, the bracelet assists in improving your motor control and reducing the impact of essential tremors on your daily life.

Regardless of your specific issue, a functional, gentle, and personalized strengthening approach is always recommended. 

Our weighted bracelets, designed as jewelry, could be the solution you won't be able to live without.

(If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via Messenger, email, or the contact form.)