Our Story

Our mission.

Youre solution !

L'histoire de nos bracelets lestés

Our mission and conviction

Our goal is to keep you active for as long as possible so you can continue doing what you love.

We aim to revolutionize the way you move and strengthen you while optimizing your time.

We firmly believe that you are your best solution to achieving your goals. Believe in yourself, we already do!

The origin of Weitna bracelets

Nicolas STOS, a sports physiotherapist, noticed that it was sometimes challenging for his newly operated patients to stay motivated to move and exercise despite the pain, the new environment, and the medication overdose.

That's why he wanted to find a solution, a sports accessory that is easy to use and provides real benefits to support them in regaining their desire to move.

Regardless of the intended goal, the benefits obtained were surprising, and the potential to help a large number of people was evident.

Nicolas had only one idea in mind: to develop these bracelets to make them accessible to anyone in need (and that hasn't changed).

Designed and tailored for you

The Brand

We wanted a brand that carried meaning, which is why the name Weitna is derived from the fusion of two words. From the volcano Etna, symbolizing power, grandeur, and presence, with the word "Weight" in English. This combination gave birth to WEI(GH)TNA, alternatively spelled as Weitna.

The logo

Inspired by our heart, with its discretion and regularity, it beats all day long without us even realizing it. Just like Weitna weighted bracelets, it is your best ally and plays a role of perfect support, without you even noticing.

Thank's for your support !