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95% of our customers feel better

Why not you ?

The weight that relieves

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How it works ?

ankle or wrist, our bracelets are designed to be worn daily to optimize each of your movements, our bracelets can be the solution against your musculoskeletal disorders and more.

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By principle of articular traction

On average, pain reduced by 4 points less on a scale of 10.*

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Activate your deep muscles

Up to 15% more strength by acting on the deep muscles.*

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Consciousness of the best

Putting on your bracelet will be your only effort to fight against your problem.

You are unique !

Our bracelets are adapted to your needs

I have been wearing the bracelet for several months and my shoulder pain has completely disappeared.


You are unique !

Our bracelets are adapted to your needs

I have been wearing my bracelet on my right wrist for a few months now. As soon as I wore it, I felt a clear improvement both physically and mentally. Positivity like never before.


You are unique !

Our bracelets are adapted to your needs

Great bracelets that I use on my ankles. Very practical in my running training sessions, as well as in everyday life. They are very comfortable to wear!


You are unique !

Our bracelets are adapted to your needs

I am used to Nordic walking and I was very pleasantly surprised by these weighted bracelets. The big advantage of these bracelets is that they are very discreet, for me it is tested and approved!


You are unique !

Our bracelets are adapted to your needs

Reluctant at first, the efficiency is incredible. My elbow problems were blocking me until now, today they are a thing of the past thanks to these weighted bracelets!


You are unique !

Our bracelets are adapted to your needs

I have been wearing the wrist and ankle bracelets for about 3 weeks. I have noticed a significant improvement in my mobility and pain.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the principle of weighted bracelets?

Our weighted bracelets make your body work a little harder with each movement, without feeling them. They go with you on a daily basis to relieve you and strengthen you intelligently.

How do bracelets work ?

Our weighted bracelets act to the weight that constitutes them, a simple mechanical action prolonged on your body. There is nothing energetic, magnetic or magnetized (mechanics is our only driving force, and it works quite well).

How to choose the bracelet model ?

Our models of weighted bracelets are designed to work specific areas of your body. If your goal is to relieve and strengthen your upper body, choose weighted bracelets to wear on your wrists. For the strengthening of the lower body, opt for bracelets to wear on the ankles. You can try all four bracelets simultaneously if you're looking to get back into full shape.

How to choose the size of my bracelet ?

On each product sheet, you can find our downloadable size chart. Just measure your wrist/ankle circumference and plot it on the grid. Our bracelets are exchangeable for free if the size does not suit you!

What's pathologies/pain are relieved by the weighted bracelets

Whatever your problem, our bracelets will be an unstoppable support. Scientific research recommends movement and strengthening to relieve most pathologies, which our bracelets optimize. Please note that our bracelets are in no way a medical device, but only an accessory that can be combined with your care.

How to carry my bracelet ?

Our bracelets have been designed to be forgotten on a daily basis. Heavy enough to activate your body and light enough not to feel them, wear them throughout the day and take them off if you start to feel them : take a break and put them back on later! The only condition is not to feel them.

Did I have to carry the bracelet on the 2 sides ?

This is not mandatory, it all depends on your goals. In the case of left shoulder pain, your body subconsciously compensates with the other shoulder, which creates an asymmetry. Our weighted bracelets help you fight against this phenomenon, and you can alternate wearing the weighted bracelet on the right or on the left.

What's the weight of the bracelet, and is there all identical ?

We offer two versions of discreet weighted bracelets: those to wear on the wrists at 250g (size M) and those to wear on the ankles at 500g (size M). The weight of our weighted bracelets varies according to your circumference: in size S, the weighted bracelet is lighter and in size L, the weighted bracelet is heavier.

I already have some pain, isn't the weight too heavy for me ?

No, it's the opposite ! We have specially chosen light fillers so that they do not bother you and forget about them in everyday life. The weight gives you a quick feeling of relief and lightness. The longer you wear your weighted bracelets, the more comfortable they will be to wear.

Can we get in touch with you?

Absolutely, and we are always delighted! You can write to us directly on the site by clicking on the Messenger conversation bubble, or by email by following the contact form for specific requests. In addition, we are present on social networks, you can also write to us there!