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Therapeutic weight bracelets
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Weitna has improved my daily life, thank you for that!
I gave this bracelet to my grandfather with Parkinson's disease. Thanks to Weitna his walk is more fluid and his desire to move has increased, thank you for him.
Many thanks! I recommend!
After dislocating my shoulder while climbing I tested the Weitna bracelet for a few weeks. I really felt the extra muscle work and here I am hanging on the wall again. Thanks again to the Weitna team!
I felt my morning pains from osteoarthritis subsided, I can only recommend.
I had the pleasure of testing a Weitna bracelet to treat my tendonitis. Without any effort, just by wearing Weitna every day I saw a great improvement. For busy people, Weitna is a perfect solution. Thank you.
Retired, I was looking for a solution to keep in shape. So I tried the Weitna bracelets that have accompanied me daily since then and which have allowed me to build muscle without any extra effort.
For several years I suffered from headaches caused by muscle tension. I was advised to give Weitna a try and was pleasantly surprised! My tension is reduced and so are my headaches. Awesome!


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