The Benefits

The Benefits


When you wear a Weitna therapeutic bracelet, you are taking the first step towards a real change in your well-being by considerably reducing your ailments. Weitna emphasizes and optimizes three main functions:

The psychological effect

By choosing to wear a Weitna therapeutic bracelet, you decide to act against your problem. This will positively repackage your state of mind which will lead to progress, and we all know that improvement will fundamentally fuel your motivation. A virtuous circle will be put in place without changing your habits.

The effect in activity

During a day, you perform countless movements specific to your daily life. By wearing a therapeutic bracelet, each of them will put a little more strain on your muscular system, which will have the effect of strengthening it and stabilizing your joints in a targeted manner.

The feeling of well-being

The Weitna weighted bracelet will have a traction effect that will relieve your joints, a technique well known in physiotherapy. Pull-ups are automatically triggered during your passive movements. For example, when you walk, you automatically release your arms with a gentle swaying motion. Whether you are in pain or not, wearing the bracelet will have a positive impact on your joint well-being.

Whether you suffer from pain or not, wearing the bracelet will have a positive impact on your joint well-being.


The principle is to carry these weights, to get used to them, no longer to feel them so that your movements remain unchanged, without any compensation.

First, there is a notion of the "healthy side" to understand. In physiotherapy, the “healthy side” refers to the limb which has kept its normal mobility. It is therefore considered as a reference for observing changes in the opposite limb which we will call the “weak side” here.

There are therefore two ways to wear the ergonomic bracelets depending on the part of the body that has suffered a trauma:

Wearing the ankle bracelet - 500g

( Benefits on : Ankle - Knee - Hip - Lumbar spine )

The legs are "load bearing" joints, that is, they support the weight of the body. There are two possible purposes and therefore two different ways to wear the Weitna ankle bracelet.

For relief wear the bracelet on the weak side, so the weight of the bracelet will decompress your knee / hip.

To strengthen , wear the bracelet on the strong / healthy side: with each step your supporting leg will have to carry the additional weight of the bracelet.

Wearing the wrist bracelet - 250g

( Benefits on : Wrist - Elbow - Schoulder - Cervical spine )

The arms are "hanging" joints. Whether it is to relieve or strengthen your stabilizing muscles, you should always wear your bracelet on the weak arm.


Each of the product sheets contains a document called "Form" which you can also download here. We recommend that you complete this document every day to monitor your progress. It could also be a ritual, so as not to forget your bracelet at home.

You will notice that after a while you will feel that you feel well enough to no longer wear your Weitna weighted bracelet. This is not the goal, and the bracelet is not to be understood as a "medicine", but as a lifestyle. Our bracelets have been designed to be worn every day. Different pockets exist to change the color of your bracelet or put it on according to various activities. This is a stylish piece of jewelry that you can have with you all the time.