How it works

How it works


Wearing a Weitna bracelet daily, an additional weight, is the main action.  The necessary reaction to carrying this weight is an increase in muscle activity. 
With Weitna on the ankles or wrists, your bracelet will accompany you in all your specific movements every day, at home, at work or outdoors. Your muscle activity will be constantly increased and will activate your deep muscles, which will strengthen them and make automatic use of them.


These are the muscles closest to our joints, allowing our posture to be maintained, providing our skeleton and our organs with optimal protection.

Once trained and coordination acquired, they will contract automatically.

They are this "big plus" which will provide protection during your movements in all circumstances.

Why act on the deep muscles?

For our health:

They are the basis of the good health of our body, they protect and strengthen our joints, ensure the proper execution of our actions, and prevent injuries.

To increase our performance:

Strengthening the deep muscles will allow an optimal transfer of force. Indeed, our movement muscles, on the surface, will be able to concentrate fully on their work and not on the protective role which is dedicated to the deep muscles.

For aesthetics:

Our deep muscles have an influence on the maintenance of the outer layers (surface muscles, skin, etc.).


When you observe people on the street, you realize that everyone has their own gait and posture. It is conditioned by our genes, our experiences, and remains anchored in our subconscious.

Yet when we walk, we do not feel like we are straining our muscles. However, this is what we are doing. This is due to two categories of muscles: there are the muscles that we all know, such as the biceps, triceps, etc. These are the so-called "surface" muscles. But there is another type of so-called “deep” muscle. These are the stabilizing muscles. These helps ensure that movement is done well.

These two types of muscles work in harmony and are inseparable. However, they are not solicited in the same way. Stimulation of a biceps is carried out by carrying loads, but a stabilizing muscle is requested by movements, more controlled and with great precision.

It is therefore on this type of muscles that our therapeutic bracelets act.


Wearing weighted bracelets does not adversely affect your health. However, if you have acute pain, continuously or at the slightest movement, it is not recommended to wear the Weitna bracelet daily and to use the active function. This could make your problem worse.

But feel free to use the wristband's passive / relief function, which will provide relief, for example when sitting, standing, or walking.

If you feel any discomfort or pain, fatigue from wearing the bracelet throughout the day, take a break for instant relief and wear it again a little later.