Therapeutic weight bracelet - ankle - black

This 500g weight will adapt to all your movements to strengthen you functionally and relieve your joints.

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Tissu : Polyamide 6.1
100% Polyamide
Fermoir de type « Velcro »
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Largeur : 4,5cm, épaisseur : 0,7cm
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Therapeutic weighted bracelet of 500g (+/- 20g) for a size M. (Variation of + or - 40g depending on the size) in black color, wearable at your ankle.

Please note: Wearing the ankle bracelet can cause discomfort for the first two weeks, as we are not used to wearing an ankle bracelet. Change position or take it off for a little while. You can also put it on top of your sock to make it more comfortable.

Washing :

Machine up to 30 °. Remove the weight and close the strap before placing it in the machine.

Drying :

Natural without machine.

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